Training for the FRONT RUNNER® Century

It’s recommended that you are already riding at least 3 days and/or 60 miles per week to prepare for a century bicycle ride. This can be accomplished by riding any club rides or just out with friends or even yourself. Each individual ride should be no less than 20-25 miles and should gradually increase with the week and end with a recovery “spin” ride.

One month prior to the event you should be able to ride 40 miles in approximately 4 hours or less. At the end of this ride you should not be totally exhausted. Remember you have 20 more miles to ride to complete a metric century.

Your training should also focus on eating and drinking on the bike for optimal down time, fast tube changing and fixing any component and/or clothing malfunctions that may arise.

Always start with a helmet, which is required by For The Win Racing, Inc. Your bike needs to be in very good mechanical condition. Always keep your bike clean, and this goes for your drive train. A dirty bike and drive train can and will mask problems that can be avoided while riding. When cleaning your bike thoroughly go over your frame, tires, all drive train components and bolts. Your chain should be cleaned and lubed at least every other week or more depending on how much you ride. Never start a long ride knowing something is wrong with your bike and thinking it won’t break, because it will. There is nothing between you and the road beneath you, or the car next to you, so if something breaks it’s not going to be fun and may even be dangerous.

Remember to wear your clothing in layers for temperature changes in Utah. Cycling clothes are great because we can wear arm warmers, knee warmers, leggings, etc. that just peel right off. It’s best to pull over though when removing clothing as items can get stuck in your spokes and this can be VERY dangerous. We know we have all see the pros take stuff off with no hands but there is a reason – THEY’RE PROS!! AGAIN…don’t try this on YOUR bike, as all you need to do is hit a rock or worse – get your clothing stuck in your spokes AND YOU GO DOWN!