Q. Why does the bicycle ride start in Salt Lake City so early?

A. Aside from having a fun ride, your safety is our number one concern. Large organized rides like the FRONT RUNNER® Century want to avoid busy traffic as much as possible and so we ride out bright and early. Our 8:00 start time ensures we have plenty of daylight to see the road ahead of us while also minimizing the number of cars we encounter along the way on our cycling ride.

Q. OK, then. How should I dress?

A. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind. But it’s not a bad idea to bring along some cycling leg warmers, arm warmers and a light jacket. Long fingered cycling gloves and toe covers will help take away the early morning chill while the rest of your body warms up. Before long, you’ll be toasty as you head north into Davis County. Always check the weather but we ride no matter the weather.

Q. Speaking of heading north, what route will we be following?

A. Check out the route here.

Q. How will I know where to turn?

A. We will have Route Arrows on all corners pointing you in the right direction. We also have the route on May My Ride and we lay enough arrows on the ground that you cannot miss them. CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO THE COURSE MAP

Q. A Century bicycle ride is a long way, how much food and water should I bring?

A. You are welcome to bring as much as you think you will need. But on our 62 mile bicycle century ride we will have fully stocked rest stops along the route as well as a finish-line celebration zone with food, drink and medals. There, you can expect to find plenty of water. You can also load up on bananas, energy bars and other snacks to make sure you’ve got all the calories in the fuel tank needed to get you to the train on time.

Q. What happens if I get a flat tire or my bicycle chain breaks?

A. It’s always a good idea for any cyclist to have a few basic repair skills — and carry a few repair tools such as a spare tube and a pump. But in case you find yourself stranded by the road side, we’ll having a few skilled mechanics rolling along with the gang to make sure no one is left behind for very long. If you happen to see someone in need of a tube or a shot of CO2, feel free to help out. Remember, karma always comes back to find you on the bike.

Q. After riding my bicycle from Salt Lake City to Ogden, how do I get back home?

A. Every registered bicycle rider will receive a complimentary ride on UTA’s FRONT RUNNER® train from Ogden back to Salt Lake City’s Intermodal Hub. After some post-ride refreshments and celebration, you’ll climb aboard the train and zip back to the start line with nearly 1,200 bicycling buddies.

Q. More importantly, how will my bike get back to the start line?

A. After you finish your ride from Salt Lake City to Ogden, your bike will be loaded into trailers and driven back to the starting line at the Intermodal Hub where you will pick it up via private trucking.

Q. But I love my bike. Will my bike be safe and secure while we’re apart?

A. Each cyclist in the FRONT RUNNER® Century will be given a numbered wristband and a corresponding numbered tag to place on his bicycle. After finishing your ride, your
bicycle will be wrapped in a protective blanket before being transported back to Salt Lake City. Just like a baby at the hospital, no bike will be released without a rider showing the properly numbered wristband.

Q. I’m a pretty fast cyclist. Will I have to wait until the last person crosses the finish line before I can head back home?

A. Of course not. We know the speed of our participants will vary greatly from the competitive cycling time trialists to those taking in the scenery. We’ll have trains and trucks leaving at different times to ensure cyclists and their bikes are back in Salt Lake City without too much waiting around. Reminder that this is a ride and not a race.

Q. What do I get if I’m the first person to the finish line?

A. You get to cheer on and welcome those who finish after you. Well, that and you can pretend you’re super fast if that floats your boat. But this isn’t a race, so while you and your cycling buddies may have a friendly wager on the line, remember to be safe out there. The roads are open and you’re still subject to all the normal laws and rules of the road.

Q. If there are 1,000 of us, things could get kind of crowded at the start line. Where should I park and how early should I get there?

A. The ride starts at 8:00 am. Plan accordingly so you can find a place to park and join the party in time for the official start. There should be ample free parking within a few blocks of the Intermodal Hub. You can also park farther down the line and ride TRAX to the start line from Sandy, Murray or anywhere in between.

Q. I’m not a big fan of starting at the same time as 1,000 other bicyclists. It can get a little sketchy. Is it OK if I leave a little early?

A. It’s a free country, so leave when you want to. But remember this, if you leave prior to the start time, we can’t guarantee there will be people at the aid stations in time, you might beat them getting there and that means no supplies. Your safety is our primary concern, so we ask that you leave with the group to ensure our volunteers are in place to point you in the right direction and make sure you are safe. Another thing to consider, if you leave too early our volunteers might not have the rest stops set up by the time you get there.

Q. Oh, no! I missed the start time! What now?

A. Relax. It’s not a race, remember? If you’re a few minutes late, it’s OK — just more people to pass and fewer people to pass you. But try not to be too late. Shortly after the start, when everyone is well on their way, we’re going to start taking down our gear in order to be ready at the finish. Plus, we’re going to let the volunteers pack up and head home from the rest stops after a while. You don’t want to miss out on the free bananas, do you?

Q. Umm, I’ve never done a century bicycle ride before and never been in a group this big. Any tips?

A. First off, congrats and thank you for signing up. A century — even a metric century — is a pretty big bicycle ride. The first bit of advice is to keep the rubber side down. To do that, we recommend a cautious approach. While hanging out in the cycling pack helps conserve energy and your speed will be pretty fast, you need to remember three important words: “Hold your line.” Don’t weave back and forth in the pack. Find a bicycle wheel that’s rolling at a pace you feel comfortable with and stick to it. If you end up darting back and forth in the pack, you’ll accomplish two things. First, you’ll make everyone around you nervous and second, you might cause a crash that ends up hurting yourself or other people. So just point the wheel straight and keep it that way.

Q. I just got my hair done. Do I really have to wear a helmet?

A. Yes. Our insurance requires you put a lid on your dome. As mentioned before, your safety is our number one concern while riding your bicycle. While you might think you’re not going to crash, all it takes is one inattentive rider next to you, an inopportune flat tire or unseen pothole to send you to the ground. Then your pretty hair won’t do you a bit of good. So please, bring a helmet. No helmet, no ride, no excuses.

Q. A metric century? Why not a full100 miles?

A. Our ride is early in the season and many riders may not be ready for a full 100 mile ride. Plus we love to welcome those both seasoned in cycling and those just starting out, so 62 miles is a good option for both types of riders.

Q. I really want to do the FRONT RUNNER® Century ride but my kid’s soccer game is at noon so my husband/wife is going to just pick me up at the finish line and I won’t need a ride back on the train. Is it OK if I just catch a ride with someone else?

A. No problem, that’s more leg room on the train for the rest of us. But because we want to make sure everyone who signs up for the FRONT RUNNER® Bicycle Century ride actually does get home, we’re going to have a list of every participant at the finish line. Please check in with our staff to make sure you and your bike are accounted for. Then get out of here, you don’t want to miss a minute of the game.

Q. I’m pretty slow. OK, I’m REALLY slow. How long do I have before the last train leaves for Salt Lake City?

A. Riding your bicycle at an average of 10 miles per hour and stopping for 10 minutes at each rest stop means you should finish the FRONT RUNNER® Century ride at about 2 pm. If completing the bicycle ride in that amount of time sounds like too much for you at this point, perhaps a shorter ride or a out-and-back course would be a better option for you.

Q. Why is the metric century the only option for the FRONT RUNNER® Century spring?

A. We love being one of the first rides of the season, and 62 miles is a the perfect early season distance.

Q. Where do the profits form the FRONT RUNNER® Century go?

A. After expenses are met, funds are given to nonprofit programs and organizations as profits permit. We are an accredited 501(3)c registered non-profit that raises funds to give to other charity groups.

Q. Is there anything else I should know about the FRONT RUNNER® Century bicycle ride?

A. Yes. You should remember to thank the volunteers at the aid stations, at the start, finish and anywhere else you see them. Without the volunteers, this event wouldn’t happen.