The UTA Train Ride

The UTA FRONT RUNNER® train departs from the Ogden Intermodal Hub at approximately 7 minutes after each hour but we always suggest that you check the UTA schedule each year. Riders will be required to show their wristbands to board the FRONT RUNNER® train and may board 15 minutes prior to departure.

Please be courteous by not using surrounding seats to store personal items. Prior to departing the train at the Salt Lake City Intermodal Hub, make sure to check your surrounding seating area for personal gear.

Your bicycle will be waiting for you at the Salt Lake City Intermodal Hub. Show your numerical wrist
band to one of our volunteers to retrieve your bike.

  • Your bicycle will be transported by truck to Salt Lake City to the start line.
  • Remove your bicycle computer prior to loading the bike. For The Win Racing, LLC will NOT be responsible for lost bicycle computers.
  • All water bottles MUST be empty prior to loading the bikes on the trucks in Ogden.
  • Hand your bicycle to the loading crew and verify the number tag on the bike corresponds with the number on your wristband. Your bike will be individually wrapped in a protective moving van blanket. Additional protection for your bicycle is your option.
  • Please make a note of the trailer number for retrieval of your bicycle at the Salt Lake City Intermodal Hub (also known as Salt Lake Central Station).